Welcome to Health Radar™ LLC

Health Radar™ LLC. is driven by its mission to create and implement programs that help the community through health education, mentoring and outreach.  We recruit physicians who share our core belief.  Our belief is that by mentoring, educating and training members of the community, especially our youth, we empower people and help to build a positive and strong impact on improved health related and social issues. 

Health Radar's top 3 initiatives are: 

1.) Public health issues

2.) Diversity (empowering, encouraging and mentoring underprivileged and minority audiences of young people, to always consider their health and to consider careers in health care, even as nurses, technicians and even as a medical doctor)

3.) Healthcare education and outreach in Africa. 

Dr. Saheed Ojo-oniyun, is the President and CEO of Health Radar™ LLC.

We are able to provide free services to the community by eliciting support from businesses, celebrities and volunteers.